IPA provides fully supported
purchasing services that
maximise operational, financial
and procurement performance
for a wide range of single-site
independent businesses and
national multi-site organisations
across the UK.


We help you streamline supplier
payments, and, if required,
provide a complete online
ordering platform that takes care
of all your purchasing needs.

We help you monitor suppliers,
ensuring they meet strict
criteria for quality and safety.
And in response to customer
demand, we also provide a
range of products, such as office
stationery, and cleaning and
hygiene products, through IPA’s
own distribution service.


Our purchasing power helps
clients save up to 40% on typical
expenditure, and many see IPA
as a natural extension of their
internal teams – overseeing and
managing every aspect of their
purchasing requirements so they
can focus on running and growing
their businesses.

IPA is about building open and
long-lasting relationships. Not
just with client owners, but also
with operational personnel.

IPA-Pay, our e-procurement system, can save you time and money across your processes – from purchasing to payment, and in all aspects of margin control. You can use it anywhere in the world, whenever you need it.


IPA-Pay is easy to use, and
integrates electronically with
most national suppliers, giving
you full catalogue, allergy and
nutritional information, as well
as real time order, invoice and
credit data.

It also has an excellent reporting
suite, budget and product control
functions, order approval and user management features.

And with its ‘catalogue approver’
function, you can reject, approve
and report changes to suppliers’
items and prices.

There’s no capital outlay for the
system, just an affordable monthly subscription per outlet, on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. So it can start saving you money from the day you set it up.

How does IPA-PAY work?

By collecting invoice data
from suppliers, IPA can provide
you with a single, detailed
monthly statement for all
your purchases, with as much
information as you need. We
can collate statements at unit
or group level, and provide them
electronically or as a hard copy.
IPA Central Billing also gives
you access to a well-structured
payment collection service, saving you money on bank charges and payment runs – and freeing up time to focus on other aspects of running your business

IPA Central Billing means you
retain your relationship with
suppliers, placing orders and
receiving invoices as normal.
We won’t take payment until any
supplier issues have been resolved, and you’ve received an updated statement from them.
IPA Central Billing means complete visibility of invoices, reduction in admin time, increased cost management capabilities and complete control of your billing.


Central Billing is an integral part of
our offer, and provides many of our
members with unrivalled support.

How does Central Billing work?

We provide over 16,500 stationery products at long-term fixed prices to aid cost control. And to make it easier to monitor your spend, you can create product lists specific to your business needs.

We deliver nationwide, using a dedicated courier network and our own local fleet, while our intelligent stock management system aims to ensure we complete your order on time. As a supplier and ‘own-brand’ retailer, IPA has a deeper understanding of customer requirements and supplier expectations – so can provide a more tailored service.


IPA Office Products sources and supplies a fantastic range of stationery and related items across the UK. Thanks to our purchasing power, all our products are of high quality and represent outstanding value for money.

Our people
We like to strike up a rapport
with you, and build close relationships that last. IPA’s knowledgeable, helpful staff are here to offer you support on every level and at every stage
of our partnership, and share market insights and opportunities.

Our way of working
IPA is open and accessible across its business, from transparency in pricing, to monthly reporting and regular face-to-face meetings. We believe in the finer details, too, so we log every account-related query, customer service call, and finance or supplier-related issue, to ensure we maintain our excellent customer service levels.

Continuous development
We’re always looking for new ways to improve our service, and to develop products and services our clients will love.

Competitive pricing
We give you access to a fantastic selection of products and services from national, regional and local suppliers – all at competitive prices. We save new clients up to 40% on their total expenditure, and thanks to our regular reviews of all pricing structures, you continue to get the best deals.

One-stop shop
With IPA you can put all your purchasing requirements in expert hands, and focus on running and growing your businesses.


There are many reasons to choose IPA for your purchasing needs. We can’t cover them all in detail here, so we’ve chosen the top 5 reasons to talk to us first.

IPA Fresh Food is perfect if
your business has multiple
sites across the UK. We review
what you pay for fresh goods
and ensure a competitive price
across all your locations.
What’s more, you’ll have a direct relationship with our trusted suppliers, plus expert customer support wherever you are, whenever you need it.
We also give you monthly fresh food reports so you can make informed decisions about your menus, keeping standards
high and making the most of
seasonal ingredients.

Every supplier we work with meets strict quality assurance standards, so you know all fresh produce through IPA Fresh Food can be traced back to the source. And we provide all the supporting documentation for this – such as Food Safety Policies, formal accreditations and monthly
market reports – free of charge.


Having built strong relationships
with local suppliers across the UK,
we can provide your business with
top-quality fruit, vegetables and
meat – wherever you are.

IPA Quality Assurance gives you complete confidence in the products you buy, and in the providers’ processes and standards. It also means you have the ability to trace products back to source.

This guarantees all IPA suppliers meet stringent health and safety processes, and can provide the correct supporting documentation.

What’s more, we hold documentation and certification details for all our suppliers’ health and safety and quality control checks. So if there’s ever any
need to see it – for example, if you’re being audited or inspected – you can give us a quick call and we’ll send everything you need within an hour.


To give you full confidence
and peace of mind, IPA’s Quality Assurance and Contracts team oversees our supplier management process.

We’ve developed a clear
10-stage approach which
forms the foundations of
how we work:


Stage 8
You begin trading with existing
and new suppliers, and maintain
direct contact with them. If there
are issues, or if we can help in any
way, just get in touch.

Stage 9
Account Management 
IPA’s highly experienced Account
Managers and Customer Service
Executives will support you every
step of way.

Stage 10
Account Reviews
Regular reviews, and reports will
give you valuable insights into
your buying activity. We’ll review
your purchases to make sure you
continue to get the best terms
suitable for your business.

Wherever possible, we’ll try to
retain relationships with your
existing suppliers whereby they
offer you a better deal. If savings
with alternative suppliers are
significant, we’ll help you assess
the pros and cons of switching.
Stage 4
Financial Savings
Depending on the amount of
work involved, IPA will either
send you a breakdown of revised
costs and potential savings, or
arrange a face-to-face meeting to
discuss things further. Typically,
savings can be upto 40% of
relevent expenditure.

Stage 5
Now it’s over to you, to decide
if you’d like to go ahead with
the revised pricing structure – of
course, we’ll answer any questions
to help you make that decision.

Stage 6
Supplier Setup
As required, we’ll work with you
to set up your existing and new
suppliers through IPA. We review
every supplier, so you can be
confident they meet the highest
levels of safety, legality and
quality in their products.
Stage 7
IPA System Setup
Where needed, we’ll set up the
IPA Solutions systems for you
and provide training. The IPA
Customer Service Team will
always be on hand to answer
any questions and support you
as you use the new system.

Stage 1
Depending on the scope of
the work involved, we’ll either
discuss everything over the
phone, or arrange a meeting
to find out more about your
business and requirements.

Stage 2
Assess Requirements
Our dedicated team will work
closely with you to confirm your
precise needs, and if relevant,
provide examples of how we’ve
helped similar organisations.
At this stage we’ll probably
ask you for invoice data from
existing suppliers.

Stage 3
Financial Audit
IPA will take you through a
comprehensive financial audit,
benchmarking what you spend
with existing suppliers against
IPA’s supplier roster. We offer a
single and multi-site tendering
service based either on price or
specific needs. We will then either
ask suppliers to quote based on a
typical shopping basket – or for
larger pieces of work, we’ll invite
suppliers to a presentation where
we give them a detailed brief to
respond to.